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Sydney Chow | Autumn Shoot | Street lights

I always wanted to do a fall photo shoot.  I absolutely love this time of year; the cold air, the autumn colors and the way people dress with the weather!  I got my opportunity when my sister, Judy and brother in law, Gavin went to Jamaica for their honeymoon.  Check out their awesome adventures!   When they left, I was given the Canon 60D with 24mm to use  =].  I think… they should go on vacations more often! While Gudy was gone, my girlfriend was also out of town because of school =[.  So I asked her sister Sydney and luckily she was down.  So tell me what do you think! Leave comments and/or critiques… I do plan on doing another session but with the colorful trees later this season! Pictures were taken on this bridge over the 10 freeway.
Meet Sydney Chow.  She and I have worked together before.  It was at Santa Monica Beach trying to show off Kathy Truong’s clothes.  Check out what shes making at ktruong.com


And when the lights came down, the tripod and long exposure came out!

These are my favorite set of pictures



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