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Samantha Chow | Secret Location

I finally got that fall-look photo session that I wanted.  I ran into this “secret location” while driving back from Rose Hill, trying to imagine how beautiful the place is gonna be when the leaves turn brown and yellow.  Came back with Samantha Chow a few months later and went nuts!   I think I took like 500 pictures, and we only hit up like 1/4 of the park.  Its huuuuugggeeee, I’ll probably have to come back sometime.  Its a nice spot to just hang out too.  There are bikes and boats for rent.  Here are a few pictures of my pwwweeetty girlfriend, Samantha!  I felt really good about this shoot!

I was super psyched when I found this spot.  The sun was reflecting off the pond, giving this off beautiful lights and colors!

I gotta say, I think this is my favorite shot!

Lost, but Happy!  This shot took forever!

I also took candid shots of people at the park.

Do you see anything?!?

Tell me what you guys think!?! PLZ comment! Also looking for people/couples to take pictures of!  Shoot me an email if you’re interested in some headshots portraits or lovey dovey pictures with your mate! =]

-Steven Tran (theman)







Sydney Chow | Autumn Shoot | Street lights

I always wanted to do a fall photo shoot.  I absolutely love this time of year; the cold air, the autumn colors and the way people dress with the weather!  I got my opportunity when my sister, Judy and brother in law, Gavin went to Jamaica for their honeymoon.  Check out their awesome adventures!   When they left, I was given the Canon 60D with 24mm to use  =].  I think… they should go on vacations more often! While Gudy was gone, my girlfriend was also out of town because of school =[.  So I asked her sister Sydney and luckily she was down.  So tell me what do you think! Leave comments and/or critiques… I do plan on doing another session but with the colorful trees later this season! Pictures were taken on this bridge over the 10 freeway.
Meet Sydney Chow.  She and I have worked together before.  It was at Santa Monica Beach trying to show off Kathy Truong’s clothes.  Check out what shes making at ktruong.com


And when the lights came down, the tripod and long exposure came out!

These are my favorite set of pictures



Giglia Family Session | Irvine

Looks like I’m pulling a “Judy” with this post! Quick sidenote: “Judy” for those of you who does not know is my older sister who does a majority of her post production and blogging around this time.  Her pictures turn out amazing every time check out her beautiful family sessions, I guess its her skills maybe…. its the middle of the night editing.  Either or, I decide to try it for once see how it goes.  This is the Giglia family.  This family session would make it TRES!  The last few family sessions, they all turned out to be lots fun, with all the babies, cuteness, and silliness.  Its the perfect time to be goofy and test out what’s funny and what’s not.  By the time my sister has a kid… I will be a master at making babies smile!!!!
Meet the Giglia family.

Check out PJ with his new york best seller book.

and Lauren with puppy eyes! @Judy…. I really want a niece!!!!!!!!

The Giglia’s LOVE kissessss <3

But they love silly faces more!

Well I guess PJ likes silly faces most.

and modeling.

Lauren likes being adorable.

PJ and Lauren show their love for each other in the same way my sister and I do!

Biting each other’s face off! NOM NOM NOM!
They love their mommy and daddy very much!

Thanks Giglia family for having me! See you next year! =]


Peian & Branden | Vellano Country Club

Peian and Branden.

I got a pretty cool experience outta the couple session on that day! I drove a golf cart for the first time!!! AND who can say I lift a golf cart..? THIS GUY, that is in the picture.  Yep. Yep, that is me…  Damn tricky mirrors!

I wish I had more time to get to know Peian & Branden, because from what I could tell from the day they seem like real cool people!
OH OH! I GOT TO SAY BRANDEN MADE THE SICKEST SLIDESHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN! I heard like… 6-7 months went into it? I wish it was online for me to show!
Picture time!

The beautiful wedding dress! 






First time I have seen a boutonniere like that!
This is Branden

AWWW she got all teary during their first look.








Sniper pic!





Here comes the bride!

The husband and wife first walk!

Thank you for having me Peian and Branden! I wish you the very best! =]

Special thanks to Judy and Gavin for letting me tag along! This picture is kinda trippy isnt it.  Look at the mirror and all its spikes.. woah woah..

You guys HAVE to check out my sisters awesome pictures! She did such a great job!!!
Oh and Doug for the letting me borrow the 7D for the night! If you’re reading this! =]

Feld Family Session | Irvine

I cannot believe that this was only my second family session! It feels like its been forever since I’ve been around babies!!! Luckily the Feld family had two very cute girls I could shoot! =]

Tova!!!!!! soo cute!

happy baby!!!

awww daddy’s little girl!

Mia reminds me a lot of Boo from Monsters Inc… anyone else gets that impression!!?!? Too bad I didn’t get her to say my uncle Mike Wazowski

Awwww taking care of her baby sister…

Thanks Feld Family for having me! And special thanks to my big sister for letting me tag along!  If only we had a professional photographer… when I was… a cuutteee baby around two or three.. and you were…UGL… I MEAN… cute kid… around  11 or twelve. I’m justttt kidding! I love YOU BIG SISTER!  Check out her family session.

Samantha Chow | Photoshoot Santa Monica

Its been about a year since I first shoot with my beautiful girlfriend, Samantha Chow!  Looking at my pictures back then and now is kind of funny.  I used  a lot of photoshop back then, lots of color alteration and stuff…  I guess over the year I’ve developed a taste for natural colors, which is good I hope.  On this shoot, I was hoping to have remote lighting, but I couldn’t get it to work for some reason. It just would not sync up… pretty disappointing.  So I went back to what I know, using the flash. These images were taken under The Santa Monica Pier. And here’sss Samantha Chow!



Stupid 40D only has 3 second timer. I was shooting with the 50mm…so i pressed it and had like 2 seconds to sprint about… 7-8 feet to get in this shot! lol

take 2 damn focusing. =[

Shot with suppper low shutter… SAM kept moving… so it was a bittt blurry.

Andrea Pham | Senior Portraits

Meet Andrea Pham!  All that stands between her and going out into the world, is one last year of highschool!  But she already possess all the necessary tools for the world: intelligence, charm, beauty and loveliness.   She just happened to love my work soooo much, she flew out to California (from Ohio) just to get a session with me… just kidding…  She was here to visit family and friends, including me!  We met two years ago when she was over here, but back when I was still operating off a point and shoot so no photography skills to show there.  BUT now I’m rockin…  so here’s Andrea Pham. =]

She’s also a very talented musician.  Plays Guitar, Ukelele and Piano.



And lastly…. My fav pic.


It was a pleasure to have you back for a while and taking pictures of you, Andrea.  See you in another 2 years.

Marion & Alex | Family Session

This is my very first family session!  Quick shout outs: Thank you to my sister for letting me tag along.  Marion and Alex for being my first!
I’m still new to what kind of tone family sessions should be like… So without further ado,
Introducing……. Baby Aiden!!!

“Nope this chair is tooo bigg”

“This seat in-between mommy and daddy is jusssstt right”

Adorable isn’t he?



What chu know about milk!


This is sooo cute…. one of my fav pics… =] I think imma go give my mom a hug!

Half adorable/ half ladies’ man.


Hope you guys enjoyed it! I know, I had a great time! Thanks for the invite jie! looking forward to future family sessions! =]




Sydney @ Model | Kathy @ Fashion

This shooting event was much anticipated and at one point in the day, very close to being cancelled.  It was almost cancelled due to the need that I required stitches.  Anyway, still overall it was a noobie/amateur thing.   As Kathy is barely starting out her clothing line, Sydney’s early stages of modelling and me shooting someone other than my girlfriend.  For the record… Sydney is Samantha’s older sister… haha.  anyway.. here it is!

all alone at the beach! no one was there surprisingly…. ;]
Introducing: Sydney Chow.

ANDDD Kathy! aka luna


look at them laces….! soo pwetty! check out my cousins work at ktruong.com !

outfit switchhh!! =]] Kathy already had a photoshoot with this one!  So I was a bit more relaxed and given more of a chance to do my thing!

O_O haha she was fixing her shirt! sickkoos!

Sheeessssss waiting…. fellas….. =]

ALLLL them years of drill team… finally applicable jkkk…

something very familar about this look i dont know what it is…

Gotta end  the gallery with my favorite shot! =]]

Introducing CODY!!! My new puppy!!!! MINE!!

Seriously… Check this pup out! I don’t even know what he is… I think part Beagle part Yorkshire! =]’

I know! some pictures the color is a little off… I’m just experimenting… I’m just seeing which ones look best on him!!


Get that outtta my face!

I have a picture of meatball that kinda looks like this… could this be you meatball? reincarnated?!?!


baby pupppy gets tired easily!